Mayhem in the Mountains III
Roanoke, Va

Mayhem in the Mountains III is the third annual east-coast gathering of a group of riding enthusiasts from  It is always held the weekend before Memorial Day.  Mayhem II, headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY., was my first group ride.  I enjoyed the company and appreciated the diversity in the groups that went out to tour the Adorondacs.  I found a group that matched exactly what I wanted & needed in a group ride.  I eagerly awaited the chance to gather again with the group.  This year was even better than last time.  In fact, many of us agreed that the two days of group riding we did were the best two days of riding we'd ever had.

"20 Minute Overlook" panorama.  (click image for a 15%, 1200x498 scaled version.  The full size image is not online as it's over 7000 pixels wide and 115MB.)


Mayhem in the Mountains III photo gallery


Edited: 05/31/2004