Isabel's 2006 Photo Albums

2006 was a great year of smiling, learning, and growing. Watch as Isabel progresses from just a couple of days old to about 9 months.

Pose on Christmas Eve - Wish We Could be With You All!  (updated 12/24/2006)

Some Cute Miscellaneous Snaps  (updated 05/18/2007)

October Trip to Ohio  (updated 05/18/2007)

Labor Day Family Get Together in Georgia  (updated 05/18/2007)

Isabel during our August 2006 New Hampshire Vacation  (updated 01/15/2007)

Isabel's First Camping Trip (Rocky Gap State Park w/the Brown's)  (updated 08/24/2006)

Giggling Around the House  (updated 08/24/2006)

Isabel and James before Steve & Jensie Head to Alabama;  (updated 08/24/2006)

Her Green Sunday Dress (and a really cute mommie)  (updated 07/27/2006)

A Few Isabel shots from Steve & Jensie's Going Away Picnic  (updated 07/27/2006)

Dad (Pépère) Visits in Mid July  (updated 07/27/2006)  and we ride motorcycles too!

Mom (Mémère) Visits Over July 4th Weekend  (updated 07/27/2006)

A Neighborhood Walk With Isabel  (updated 07/27/2006)  (some neighborhood flowers from the walk)

Isabel Talks & Laughs at her mobile all the time  (updated 06/03/2006)

Lisa's favorites from Memorial Day  (updated 06/03/2006) (see them all here.)

2 months, 1 week old plus cat  (updated 05/14/2006)

About 2 months old plus some butterflies  (updated 05/14/2006)

She's About one month old now  (updated 04/22/2006)

Lisa's Parents (Grandma & Grandpa) Come to Visit  (updated 04/09/2006)

Chris's Parents (Mémère & Pépère) Come to Visit & We go see the Cherry Blossoms  (updated 04/01/2006)

Isabel's Second Week, Becky comes to visit  (updated 03/27/2006)

Isabel at Home during the first week  (updated 03/18/2006)

Isabel at the Hospital  (updated 03/18/2006)

Lisa in Her Ninth Month  (updated 03/18/2006) Sorry, no Demi Moore shots here.

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