The Bat In The House, Day 2

The bat is back tonight!

Last night Lisa wouldn’t get off the couch from under the covers to come see it through the glass door that was trapping it in our kitchen.  Tonight.  Yeah, she got a good view!  As I walked by the kids’ room where they were laying on either side of Mommy, diligently listening to a book, I witnessed the bat silently circling over their position like an AC-130 gunship on station.  I don’t know how long it had been doing that, but when I mentioned it….well….let’s just say it got everyone’s attention!

I was able to get the little guy to fly out of their room and into my master bedroom, where I the opened the windows and curtains.

Here is proof the bat exists

After sufficiently harassing the little guy with the video camera, I setup a flashlight on each window to attract the plethora of house flies that somehow manage to live even though it’s -1.3 deg C and hopefully coax the little guy to leave.  I turned out the light and left the room for about 10 minutes.  Upon returning, I think he’s actually gone this time!

If you missed the first encounter, it’s worth a read.


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