The September 2003 Gospel Meeting
hosted by the
Glen Burnie church of Christ


On this page you will find descriptions and links to all of the gospel lessons brother Darrell Hymel presented at the congregation which meets at 2 Eastern St.; Glen Burnie, Maryland.  These lessons are offered freely that you may grow and learn from them by having the opportunity to study them at length.  May God bless your efforts.

If you don't have PowerPoint or a viewer, you should be able to find one for your system here or here.  When you download the presentation and PowerPoint starts, you may have to press F5 to start the slide show.

Is the Bible a Crystal Ball that Predicts the End of the World  (688KB)

This lesson begins by examining the past mistakes of preachers (500 - 2000 A.D.) who used the Bible to predict the end of the world in their own generation.  Preachers today use the same verses in the Bible to predict that the "end is soon."  The lesson concludes by studying how the Bible writers themselves understood the term "the last days" and "the end."


Jesus predicted a judgment of God that would fall upon the generation living at the time of his death (30 A.D.).  The signs, judgments, and calamities of Matthew 24 are all predictive of an event that was fulfilled centuries ago.  You will benefit greatly from this contextual study of one of the most difficult chapters in the Bible.  Your knowledge of Bible prophecy and prophetic language will increase dramatically and your faith will be built as you see how accurate Jesus was in making these predictions.

A shorter and slightly different ordered version of the material can found here alternate Mt 24 presentation (1.3MB).  [Yep, although it has less slides, it's actually a bigger file!]

Jesus's Teaching and the Law of Moses:  Part 1 (719KB) and Part 2  (628KB)

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus thought it necessary to defend his loyalty to the law of Moses (Matt 5:17-20).  Jesus then contrasted His teaching with what the "ancients were told" (Matt 5:21-48).  Was Jesus giving new teaching (altering or adding to Moses) or was he correcting wrong interpretations of Moses as taught by the religious leaders?  How you answer this question will affect your understanding and application of the Sermon on the Mount.  Click on the lessons above to start exploring.  Part 2 contains an approximately 28 slide overview of first lesson before presenting new material, but don't skip the first lesson!

The Evangelism of Jesus Contrasted to the Evangelism of the Pharisees  (668KB)

Place yourself in the first century and see how you would have reacted to Jesus!  Our evangelism: is it more like Jesus or more like the Pharisees?

Daily Religion  (242KB)

While focusing on the three hours a week we spend together at assemblies, we may be guilty of straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.  Being a Christian is a daily religion!

Five Commands for a Healthy Church  (1.5MB)

Lift up Christ in our community, Care for Everyone, Be in the "people" business, Accept people where they are and lead them to where God wants them to be, and Share God's love story with others with words and by example.

The Abundant Life  (65KB)

Jesus said, "I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly" (Jn 10:10 NASB).  What is the abundant life that Jesus promises and do I have it?

His Needs - Her Needs  (412KB)

This lesson discusses 10 needs that both men and women have in marriage.  However, 5 of these needs are more important for women and five are more important for men.  Lacking understanding in this difference in priority of need often leads to problems in marriage.  We often know our needs and believe that our mate needs the same things.  We sincerely try to give our mate what we need - but we miss the target because their priority of need is different.  This important lesson is packed with scriptural applications that will strengthen any marriage and help singles to get ready for marriage.



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