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On this page you will find some lessons brother Darrell Hymel did not get a chance to presented at the Sept. 2003 Gospel Meeting.  But, as with his other lessons, he felt the information was both edifying and useful to have and study.  So, they are offered freely that you may grow and learn from them.  May God bless your efforts.

If you don't have PowerPoint or a viewer, you should be able to find one for your system here or here.  When you download any of the presentations and PowerPoint starts, you may have to press F5 to start the slide show.

Purpose in Your Life  (399KB)

Is your life purpose driven?  What is that purpose?  This lesson provides a Biblical basis for the purpose for our lives and how understanding this will shape and guide our lives.  


What is the Church?  (88KB)

Would it surprise you to hear that "church" isn't even a religious word?  If so, this lesson examines what church is from Old Testament and New Testament perspectives. It then drives the point home by illustrating what Jesus built, bought, and cleansed when he built, bought, and cleansed the church.

Universal or Local Church, Part 1  (122KB)

This lesson builds upon the "What is the Church" lesson by introducing and examining the many distinctions between universal and local church.

Universal or Local Church, Part 2  (841KB)

This lesson concludes the "What is Church" series by examining the modern idea that the universal church is the collection of all denominations.  





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