Astonishing Connections Between the
Bible and the World Around Us


On this page you will find links to discoveries of connections between the Bible and our world that are simply too amazing to not share with everyone!

From Chinese Linguistic Studies:

The Relationship Between Ancient Chinese Characters and the Early Biblical Text (1.8MB PowerPoint presentation) prepared by Darrell Hymel.  If you don't have PowerPoint or a viewer, you should be able to find one for your system here or here.  When you download the presentation and PowerPoint starts, you may have to press F5 to start the slide show.

For further research checkout "The Discovery of Genesis:  How the truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language" by C. H. Kang and Ethel Nelson.  (Available at Amazon)


From Science:

Reasons to Believe - material from many sources, including Dr. Hugh Ross.  Many types of content (text, audio, video)

"Why The Bible is Number 1 - The World's Sacred Writings in the Light of Science" by Kenny Barfield (Available at Amazon).  Links between the Bible and Medicine, Astronomy, and Earth Science.

"The Source - Eternal Design or Infinite Accident" by John N. Clayton (Available at Amazon)



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